Aino Peltomaa   Voice, Medieval Harp
Harmen Fraanje   Piano
Mikko Perkola   Viola da Gamba, Effects


An international trio of versatile musicians with a background in jazz and early music creates a unique dreamlike journey, painting soundscapes and colors with imaginative compositions.

Taking inspiration from medieval melodies from the 1200th century, the group combines the sounds of a human voice, piano, amplified viola da gamba with effects and medieval harp. In their program “AER”, the group dives into the chants of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Pérotin (13th century), gregorian melodies and 13th century pilgrimidge songs, transforming the ancient melodies into beautiful and relaxing cinematic soundscapes. Their own compositions speak the same modal language as the medieval melodies, and connect the centuries into each other.


Aino Peltomaa is a Finnish singer and musician, performing widely with medieval, renaissance, contemporary music and free improvisation. Peltomaa collaborates actively with musicians and artists from different genres and performs regularly in Finland and abroad. Her innovative projects combine elements from early music, folk music and jazz, visual arts, dance and multimedia.

Peltomaa performs with choirs and ensembles and has collaborated with internationally renowned conductors and artists. Her recent albums “Harmony of the Spheres”, “Audivi Vocem”. and “O Virgo” were warmly welcomed. Peltomaa is actively asked to work with choirs and her vocal arrangements have been performed e.g. by Emma Salokoski voices. In 2018 she directed and performed “Ordo Virtutum” by Hildegard von Bingen for the Finnish Kaari Ensemble.

Peltomaa has received stipends for her work from Espoo and Vantaa cities and her work has been supported by various Finnish cultural foundations. (Taike, MES, SKR)

‘Radiating luminous sound and exquisite technical skill’
Anu Jormalainen, Rovaniemen Sanomat

Harmen Fraanje is a Dutch pianist, composer living in Amsterdam.
According to the internationally renowned website AllAboutJazz “Harmen Fraanje is emerging as one of the most impressive young European pianists of the past decade.” 

Fraanje leads and co-leads several groups and collaborates regularly with Reijseger Fraanje Sylla, Mats Eilertsen Trio, Trio Fraanje/Soniano/Gouband, Michael Moore and also performs solo concerts. Recordings of the projects he’s involved in have been released by eminent labels such as ECM, Winter & Winter, Hubro Music. Fraanje performed with artists as Ambrose Akinmusire, Arve Henriksen, Kenny Wheeler, Thomas Morgan, Werner Herzog, Mark Turner, Trygve Seim. Fraanje teaches at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Viola da gamba-player, composer and singer Mikko Perkola is a Finnish early-music prodigy, performing regularly with e.g. Gramophone-awarded group Phantasm, Concerto Palatino and Helsinki Baroque Orchestra.
He has performed and recorded with Norwegian Baroque Orchestra, Island´s chamber orchestra, Battalia and Ensemble Severin, Topi Lehtipuu, Hans-Ola Ericsson and Anna Lindail, and recorded gamba sonatas with Aapo Häkkinen, for the renowned label Naxos. 

Perkola has premiered works from various contemporary composers (Lucio Garau, Giovanni Mancusol, Eero Hämeenniemi) and is wide range in music making includes collaborations with artists from different genres, from early music to multimedia and solo performances of contemporary music with viola da gamba using effects.


‘Unum’, an improvised piece by the trio


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